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Smart Living

Hassle-Free Home Control.

Smart technology can make more of a difference to your day-to-day life than you may realise. As well as the luxury of switching lights on with a voice command, or closing the blinds from your phone or tablet, there are so many more benefits to having a Smart Home. Below is a list of the Smart services that we can seamlessly integrate into your home without you lifting a finger - in some cases literally!

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Controlling and customising your lighting can make a huge difference to your life. Smart lighting, accessed using switches, your phone, your voice or just motion, can help add an exciting new dimension to your home, whilst improving the efficiency. Setting scenes, customer modes, and even unique settings per person is all possible with a fully installed smart system.


Smart heating makes heating and cooling your home so much easier and better for your pocket. Controlling each room independently, whilst having your windows, doors and heating system all talking to each other, means you never have to unnecessarily heat a room again. Working alongside the weather service, it can even dynamically change your plans in advance to save you the worry.

Home Cinema

Whether you want to create that dedicated cinema room for bringing the movies home, or update your living room to add a wow factor to family viewing and gaming, a cinema or media room can really make that statement. We have a huge selection of solutions no matter how big you want your screen to be, and no matter where the speakers need to go.


We can supply and fit a range of smart blinds that will automatically open and close depending on temperature, time of day, light levels, and can even help to make your home more secure. Intelligent blinds can be customised to fit almost any space with a variety of designs to choose from. They can be set to work around your lifestyle.

Improve Wi-Fi

With the internet signal around your home as important as all the other services, why not make sure that your Wi-Fi is strong, stable and reliable in all areas of your home? With a huge range of solutions available for all types of homes, you could have your home setup with perfect Wi-Fi from as little as £250.

Security & Assisted Living

Keeping your home and family safe is a priority, and smart technology makes it easier to put your mind at rest than ever before. You may want to access your security footage whilst at work, or have a notification that your parent has been active today. Smart homes are not just for gadgets, but actual every day use to bring different parts of your world together.

Hidden Solutions

Fed up of seeing that unsightly TV on the wall? Maybe you hate the fact that you have speakers all over the worktops and units? We can help you find ways to have the technology you need, but without having to show them 24/7. From specially adapted mirror frames that double as a TV, to speakers that can hide behind walls, we have a huge array of options to suit your needs.

Outdoor Entertaining

Whether you just want to be able to enjoy music on your terrace, TV on your decking area, or a full cinema in your summer house, we have outdoor entertaining solutions that can work around all scenarios and all budgets.