We are temporarily suspending our services due to the COVID 19 outbreak. If you have an ongoing project with us you will be able to get in touch in your usual way or by emailing smart@hughes.co.uk.

Smart Office

Worry-Free Workspace Solutions.

We offer a huge range of bespoke smart tech solutions to suit your workplace and increase the user experience in your offices and meeting rooms. We have solutions for all types of businesses - from corporate to hospitality, and beyond - helping you maintain, manage and make the most of your technology, whilst providing you with the level of after sales support your business can rely upon.

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We have full supply and installation options for all your conferencing needs. From large screen TVs and projectors for full room visibility, to control options that allow desktop, tablet, laptop and wall control of audio, video and presentations, we can work with you to create the perfect environment for your meetings and presentations. This will ensure that your room works professionally for you every time.

Commercial Audio

Whether you are looking for background noise for the offices, delicate music for the restaurant, or dedicated high-quality audio for your conferencing theatre, we have solutions to suit your needs. Using some of the biggest manufacturers, we can design a system that sounds, looks and works the way you need it to. After all, why do you have to see speakers to hear them?


Maybe you want to improve staff morale in your offices, or are looking to add value to your business by improving wellbeing of patients? Adding a media room or cinema is an addition that really adds to your business. You could be looking for the full experience, which wows the senses, or a simple delicate option in an under-utilised space. We can create the perfect solution.

Digital Signage

Using signage is critical for a business’s success, whether you want dynamic displays or the ability to change the message at the push of a button, it has taken point-of-sale to a whole new level. From single screen messages, to video walls, and full scale LED technology, we can offer you the screens and signage technology to fit your business best.

Business Wi-Fi

Whether you are looking to add Wi-Fi around a restaurant, staff area, or even extend it outside, we can work to improve the spread of your Wi-Fi. We can increase the amount of control you have over those networks to ensure you are able to monitor who is using your data and when. Eradicate the risk of Wi-Fi drop-out during those busy periods with a managed network system.

Business Security

If you’re looking to add security solutions to your workplace, then we have a host of network CCTV solutions that enable you to be secure in the knowledge that you are covered, with the added peace of mind that you can check your feeds anytime, anywhere, on your phone, laptop, or tablet. We can even add additional security benefits like motion detection and door entry, to really increase the security levels in your office or home.

Hotel Solutions

We can help you plan, supply and install systems designed to work across multiple TVs in hotels, guest houses and other hospitality environments. Whether you wish to be able to control the content of a welcome screen, limit usage, or give customers the freedom to watch whatever they want, we can assist you in ensuring that you have the right equipment to suit your needs. And this goes far beyond just a traditional TV.

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We don’t only offer the products you need to make your business smart, but also the planning and after-sales service to give you the complete solution. As part of Hughes, we also have dedicated Trade and Commercial departments, offering you payment options, credit accounts and even the ability to take advantage of our full business rental service.